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Charlotte Henderson

Certified Consultant


My Story

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Scentsy Page.

I joined Scentsy for several reasons. I absolutely love the products and the variety Scentsy has to offer plus I want to build my collection whilst earning some extra income. I have a family with three children and the potential to earn extra income means that we can afford that extra trip to Peppa Pig World or a weekend family break away.

I love Scentsy for their flames, which having a young family is extremely important when you have inquisitive little minds roaming around the house. I have peace of mind that if they happen to stick their fingers in a warmer, they will not cause injury to themselves as there is no flame.

Please take a look around my site and ask me any questions your have.

I know that you will love the products just as much as I do.

Love Charlotte xx

My Favourite Scents